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ПКП II Британский национальный корпус

Седухин Антон, Оганесова Ирина

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AR0 483 It is interesting to observe how frequently the French style prevails not just in the building of hotels but in the whole ‘architecture of pleasure’ in Britain.

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A6U 188 In the later Vogue piece only the style remained as the far more overtly sexual, Kahloesque models lounged and pouted in their ‘Mexican’ interiors.

A6Y 1221 There was a shift towards a more casual, private, and hedonistic style of life.

AA9 225 David Byrne's new compilation, O Samba, on WEA, is concerned with the earlier dance style, the samba, and comes complete with excellent sleeve-notes, glossary, and translation of the songs, which start with the late Clara Nunes's gently rousing, elegant treatment of a Yoruba legend from West Africa.

AAY 472 Their ‘Croscill’ and ‘Jenny Wren’ranges epitomise the traditional style; pink roses gaily festooned in abundance, and Victorian memories to the fore.

ACN 2136 In 1982 he started his band Kino, who have grown into the powerful guitar quartet with a distinctive style; nice pop melodies and hooky chord changes, monotonous vocals and punk drive.

ACP 1641 Judy Rumbold, the fashion editor of The Guardian , couldn't have been more wrong when she wrote about trainers (August 21, 1989): ‘In Tom Wolfe's Bonfire Of The Vanities , sneakers are documented as an intrusive part of young American street style; not just symbols of black affiliation and for high performance on the dancefloor but as crucial elements in maintaining a lugubrious, rhythmic gait that Wolfe coined the Pimp Roll.

AMK 879 This soon led to criticism of the excessive power of the Chancellor: ‘The Chancellor's position has become so strong that his opponents and supporters alike complain about his authoritarian style of leadership [writing about Adenauer]…

AMW 1262 A ‘New style’ pink British/EEC Driving licence is sufficient by itself.

ANS 54 A growing ability to construct and convey meaning in written language matching style to audience and purpose.

B7K 1588 But Mr Bentine does have his good points — apart from a chuckling delivery style he did not learn by listening to voice-overs on Horizon.

BMC 2002 The piece begins with an orchestral prelude, subtitled ‘In the style of Bach’— well, Bach revised by Gounod perhaps, an elegant an charming pastorale, which sets the mood for much of the rest.

BNB 221 On Thursday 4 March 1708 (English style) the queen informed the House of Commons of the expected invasion, and a powerful English fleet, 64 strong, plus frigates and fireships, under Vice-Admiral Sir George Byng, was sent to take station off Dunkirk.

CAD 1651 A promising nightwatchman's anthem, done in the style of a dreary ‘Green Green Grass Of Home’ style ballad, written and produced by Van Morrison.

CE4 338 If there are already several pictures in the room, you could give them all the same style of frame.

CE4 985 However, you could easily choose a different style of silver frame, or even a greyish frame instead.

CEK 4117 It has never been the Queen's style to rant and rave when things have gone wrong — and in truth she has never needed to.

CEP 2890 Pacesetters put on grand style

CFK 1045 The close association between exotic metalwork and elite members of society is particularly apparent in the seventh century where the development of a distinctive style of animal art, Style II, is documented.

CGM 259 Sexy blonde style

CHA 968 All these women are expressing a primal female energy that's perhaps unconsciously trying to balance out the spirit of rock, super-macho style.

CL6 1002 The new approach which thus came into being and swept rapidly to prominence in Switzerland and Germany was clearly very different in tone and style from the previously established Liberal Theology.

CLL 2268 In line with recent methodological trends, the stories are enjoyable for their own sake, and aim to resemble as closely as possible the style of book children would choose to read in their first language.

CLP 1703 The machine itself and its style of operation was incidental, in fact it was possible to achieve the same procedure if not quite the same discipline on the student by using programmed books with directional references to other pages at the end of each page.

ECF 85 This is a unique journey — a chance to step back to the days of sumptuous style, to the days when international travel was lavish and luxurious, when railways meant romance and trains meant tradition.

ECJ 66 Stepping out in style

ECS 34 Continental style restaurant situated between Royal Lyceum Theatre and Usher Hall.

ED3 846 Then a pair of Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday , 50s- style pants, and a silk T-shirt which you can wear with several things in your wardrobe.

EDH 1046 That style of life and demeanour characteristic of Britain's dominant class is a result of its peculiar history.

EUW 285 Serious consideration of the design style should take place.

F9D 565 This raised three different problems (or opportunities, as we say in marketing): overall, the quality of the stores was higher than expected by people used to Allied Carpets' promotional style; people were not fully aware of the extent of the offer — they did not associate Allied with furniture and beds; and, in a market where independent retailers are still the dominant factor, they had low expectations of Allied's standards of personal service.

FAD 216 Briefly, when the fieldworker is actually interviewing the informant and thus controlling the exchange, the style is labelled ‘interview style’.

FAG 1454 What had been the living style of a whole region, modified to suit all classes of people, became a piece of pleasant antiquarianism for a rich man.

FEB 223 The original monastery physic gardens were fairly plain, with rectangular or square beds in lines, but as time went on, and private households began to grow their own medicinal cures, food flavourings and fragrances, the sites devoted to herbs became more elaborate, until they were often laid out in the "knot" style, an intricate arrangement of beds said to have taken its name originally from the lover's knot.

FSP 1950 Sometimes he tried to catch her style in scraps of speech that he wrote in a notebook, because she had often told him to listen to the way strangers talked and to keep a record of conversations overheard in the Underground.

G12 484 My private idea, which I hardly dare mention in case I've got it all wrong, is that you were copying the style of some book or other to see if I would recognize it.

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Re: ПКП II Британский национальный корпус

Торшина, Чернобородова

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Your query was  style is traced
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Only one solution found for this query
AR0 483 It is interesting to observe how frequently the French style prevails not just in the building of hotels but in the whole ‘architecture of pleasure’ in Britain.

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Here is a random selection of 50 solutions from the 10546 found.

A0A 69 Lager beer is the traditional beer style of many countries (see fact sheet on beer styles) and there are some superb beers in such great brewing countries as West Germany and Czechoslovakia.

A12 703 This definition should be understood as the choreographer's ability to establish a style of movement through which the audience will feel and understand what the performers are communicating through a particular way of dancing.

A12 1139 One of the most successful ways of giving a different quality to the steps and poses of classical dance and of transforming them into demi-caractère style is to relate them intimately to appropriate music.

A50 552 In a conference fringe speech which appeared to set out his own personal manifesto, the Leader of the Commons also echoed Mr Heseltine's views on the need to take a more positive attitude to the European Community, and he called for a moderation of the Government's confrontational style.

AB4 342 In the first half of the seventeenth century the traditional Elizabethan style carried on, unabashed by fashion; then again there was the purely classical Queen's House at Greenwich, built by Inigo Jones, as radically different to the former as chalk is to cheese.

AC6 110 We had started off in grand style, rattling right round the station plaza with a great tooting of horns.

AKU 626 But it was the mock-Tudor style which first caught the public's imagination and appealed to the burgeoning market of more affluent self-builders who were happy to delegate the construction, says Potton's PR manager, Richard Crisp, who joined the company four years ago after building his own Potton home.

AMK 879 This soon led to criticism of the excessive power of the Chancellor: ‘The Chancellor's position has become so strong that his opponents and supporters alike complain about his authoritarian style of leadership [writing about Adenauer]…

ANS 1018 Produce legible upper and lower case letters in one style and use them consistently (not randomly mixed within words).

AR0 1048 The old Union station had been in a rambling neo-Romanesque style, but the new one was to match the grandest of the American Beaux-Arts school, and in some ways surpass them.

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A1B 2010 And if Pound so blithely overlooks that difference, doesn't that mean that we have in him a critic who attends to form, to style, at the expense of what that form and that style are used so as to convey?

A3A 120 True to style, Mr Pozsgay claimed only to be a sympathiser of the movement and not its instigator.

AA9 442 The whole operation does not so much aspire to style as do what it pleases with it.

B3C 2275 In the second year, language work extends students' oral and written skills, with increased attention to style and idiom, and also prepares them for the year abroad.

C9P 12 Caring for your curls is top priority — on Page 18 we put intensive conditioners to the test while on Page 43 you can win a brilliant Reverso Hairdryer from BaByliss to style your new look to perfection!

C9P 34 Hair becomes instantly shiny and easier to style WITHOUT greasiness!

C9P 350 It was definitely easier to style and I would use it again without a doubt.

C9P 375 My hair is really short so I don't actually have to style it but it did feel better and I would use this conditioner again.’

C9P 381 It conditioned my hair really well but I think I may have used it too often because my hair became a little TOO soft to style after a while!’

C9P 713 Chemically treated hair is always easier to style than natural hair and usually holds its style well.



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Re: ПКП II Британский национальный корпус

Худорожкова, Броженко

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style traces
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style is traced
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Here is a random selection of 50 solutions from the 10546 found.

A06 1268 The absence of punctuation is also a part of the style -but in spite of this you can sense the character struggling to articulate her thoughts clearly.

A0X 1163 It was the closure of a good, old style joinery firm and there were some very good machines to be had.

A12 1759 Modern style

AAF 291 I would like to ask Tony Parsons if he ‘liked’ the ‘old’style feminist?

AAW 438 Brown Windsor was rated the top novice chaser of last season and began this season in handicap company in great style.

AB4 383 It is a typical ‘hanger on’ to the traditional Elizabethan style.

ABF 871 His relative success was proof that the managerial style that Mr Bush has adopted in Washington has not doused the passions of those conservatives who like their right-wing politics raw.

ACS 9 The meat ration, one shilling and sixpence in 1945, was reduced to eightpence worth (old style — less than four pence new style) in 1951 as a result of a dispute with the Argentine.

ADR 440 I love the songs they write for me and I try to make it look that way in the style in which I deliver it,’ she added modestly.

AM0 1341 But if you're looking for old style Cretan atmosphere as well as a place that's full of life, Ag Nik is the place to stay.

ANS 1109 Once pupils can produce a printed style of handwriting fluently and confidently, they should begin to develop a comfortable joined-up style.

AR2 888 I am not, after all,’ she said, looking around her domain with a distinct smile, ‘running a house of ill repute, which is what I fear the present title of Madame seems to suggest, along with bead curtains, red velvet plush love seats, champagne buckets and other such fittings and accoutrements which are not our style at all these days.

B3H 117 The drawings will be made in a modern and approved style, and when finished, will be submitted to the inspection of the subscribers at large.

B3K 265 Some of Opera North's favourite soloists, including John Tomlinson, will help to launch the appeal in style.

C8L 117 We need to admit that for many older churches it takes much longer to change and also that a more traditional style can be helpful to many in finding Christ personally and following him radically.

C93 310 Lockington keeps its appearance of an estate village — it forms part of the estate of Lord Hotham of South Dalton and some of the more modern buildings have kept to the style of the estate cottages with their pointed-roofed upper windows.

C9N 166 But surely the blues will inevitably influence your own style and find its way into the band quite naturally…

CA9 797 The committee, in their own inimitable style, had eliminated too many girls and were left with only four for the final.

CAS 160 Style Editor, GQ

CB8 2181 I never thought it would work like this: having been a small child in the 50s when women dressed more or less identically and according to their age and class (gymslip, good suit, housecoat, then cardigan and pinny), I used to think that it was beautifully liberating in the 60s and 70s when convention began to permit a woman of any age to dress in virtually any style, from hooker to schoolmarm.

CBC 8124 The nickname he acquired at this stage — Tiger Tim — was less to do with his crusading journalistic style than his relentless pursuit of late contributors to the magazine.


CDJ 698 A dream come true — this elegant style was achieved by setting hair on flexible stylers with Clynol's Styleset.

CDU 85 The somewhat different style of French colonial rule and the region's more scattered population were two major reasons.

CGP 332 In February, my sister is getting married and I would like a totally new style.

CGY 1310 Barthes's use of spectator and public as interpreting agents is a rhetorical device, redolent of the style frequently used in political speeches (‘It is quite clear to any reasonable/sensible person that…’).

CJ6 188 However, by 18,00 hrs. that evening Bury Bolton Street was back to its own self and its late 1950s style, at least in its furniture, colour schemes and the two neat rakes of BR Mk. 1 coaches stabled on Platform Two — one in 1951 ‘Blood & Custard’ and the other in 1956 maroon.

CK4 1626 DIGI DUB serve up a welcome listen of techno ragga, electro and dub, blending them to such a degree that they still remain hard to categorise, dealing in each style with equal authority and adeptness throughout and as inventive as anything you'll find plagiarising these genres.

CKU 753 After all, most people don't think much of Liverpool as a place to work and live in, though I think it's fantastic and I live in greater style — in the wing of a large Victorian house — than I could in the South.

CKX 1485 Although the two never met, they both forged a figurative style out of the Abstract Expressionism raging all about them — not the most popular move to make at the time.

CS4 253 He then summed up the situation in brusque style for the policeman at the other end.

EB1 1390 Problems arise when we get stuck in a particular style of response which is unhelpful and find changing to a more appropriate style of response difficult.

EFH 486 As to which chair to which to start, a more rectangular, less curved style will be easier, and you can progress in due course to more ornate and complicated styles.

FRG 988 The problem has arisen in the social sciences because classical statistics were originally developed to meet the requirements of the natural sciences and reflect a deductive style of hypothesis development which is not suitable for exploring dirty data in the context of amorphous and incomplete theories.

G1A 750 Sometimes the manner is sly and teasing, at others so challengingly straight-faced that you find yourself half-believing it (MACARONI:When prepared in the Italian style ,is served with the fingers ).

G2V 3134 Not true — with curlers to hand and just ten minutes to spare, any short style can be given a shot of glamour.


GVN 709 Their habits, modes of thought, patterns of speech, style of drafting will have rubbed off on one another to the point where but a few free or tough or independent spirits resist mutation into a sludgy administrative amalgam.

HA9 2892 When he was winning, they lived in style.

HR1 16 The process of development of architectural style, however, is a continuous one.

HR1 637 As indicated in the drawing, the spire, Lady Chapel and clerestory of the choir are later work in Gothic style but the remainder, giving a basis of design and construction, is Romanesque.

HR1 908 The east end of the Cathedral is Gothic, but the long nave is still Romanesque and the transepts are in a Transitional form of the style; the two parts of the cathedral form a marked contrast, particularly inside the building, and a useful study.

HR1 1563 The architectural style was mainly French.

HWB 934 Until the fall of Rome in A.D. 476 such new churches were designed in Roman classical style and modelled upon the plan and construction of the basilica, the Roman hall of justice and administration.

J1M 2968 Pope John Paul the second has won wide acclaim from outside his own Church for his firm leadership style.

J79 343 The traditional style—the seller's package

JND 606 Okay well don't worry don't worry he can't you know just think of something though having said that if you look at the role that you played in the group moving towards the chairman's style, taking over the group perhaps becoming and you weren't a person that sort of took over and forced your views on everybody but you were certainly up there at the front with and listening to people taking information and manipulating everything that you had to fit what was coming in from everybody so that does show Chairman's skills, Chairman tendencies

K45 177 Fine style

K4C 315 What is your personal style?

KCU 10226 or C, an Egyptian style of body painting ?



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Re: ПКП II Британский национальный корпус

Лягаева Лора
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style prevails

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AR0 483 It is interesting to observe how frequently the French style prevails not just in the building of hotels but in the whole ‘architecture of pleasure’ in Britain.

4.Your query was


Here is a random selection of 50 solutions from the 10546 found.

A0G 1571 Packed with gardening know-how, its structured style and easy-to-follow, well-illustrated format will appeal to every gardener, from novice to enthusiast.

A0K 936 Once inside, the new detective will quickly meld into the department's style, pursuing its rituals to form a new link in the tradition of the CID.

A70 228 Choose these soft linen pants for comfort and style.

A7V 426 French army on catwalk for military style fashion parade.

ABF 432 He is one of the great popularisers of science, blessed with a fluent, if over-declamatory, style.

ABS 2177 Graphic black-and-silver dog-tooth in Duke of Windsor style, £24

AHN 655 Mr Karimov, one of the more artful of the old-guard Communist Party leaders, sees his style of government as a buffer between growing Muslim fundamentalism and Western-style democracy.

AJA 57 Sobchak, 37, thrice married and a professional psychologist, opened the school in Moscow three years ago, developing her own dynamic style of group therapy.

AR4 358 (c) Unknown man: chalcedony intaglio in the traditional Republican style, made in the 1st century BC (bottom left).

ARP 83 The wartime spivs, the teddy boys and the mods each had their own distinctive hair style.

ASC 1200 The result was not without promise, but distant memory suggests that the piece was as artificial as the clothes, a minor and mildly amusing exercise in an old-fashioned style.

B03 614 Tower, with its guitar twanging fifties style intro, brings the demo to a close with a suitably nineties style meltdown of screaming grunge.

B08 467 If, after a previously unblemished career, you are taken to task, it may be that your superiors' requirements are unrealistic or that you have not yet been given sufficient time to adjust to the style of the new regime.

B1D 1296 This was a style suitable for churches and perhaps for domestic buildings, but not for public offices.

B26 1669 Blocked paragraphs are the default paragraph style.

B2H 1453 But Jimmy played Peter in immaculate style; the Palace went through 2–0 and Jimmy had earmarked that centre-half spot for his own.

B34 1132 John provided the Plaza management with two different lines of Girls with no particular style, then he hit upon the idea of creating a line of tall Girls with long legs.

C8E 434 Jamila saw right through old Charlie: she said there was iron ambition under the crushed-velvet idealism which was still the style of the age.

CC0 947 ‘I usually say something about going for boldness and colour, but that is really a question of choosing artists by their style.’

CG5 314 Add a touch of country style to a room, with the warmth of timber panelling.


CH2 7391 And yesterday he vowed: ‘If I am appointed, I shall be doing things in a somewhat different style.

CHB 1564 Gillian Lacy and Roberto Mader's Capoeira Quickstep is the most ambitious and also most disappointing of the collection, a ‘fictional documentary’ about the Afro — Brazilian dance-cum-martial art which sort of spins off from a relationship between a British girl and a Brazilian but meanders somewhat in sub-Terence Davies style without even coming up with much in the way of dance.

CK6 2196 At other points they examine the Italian style for ‘Living In A Fantasy’, and offer current single, ‘The Feeling’, which resembles a less rubbishy Oceanic.

CMF 822 The purpose of such research is to describe the culture and life style of the group of people being studied in a way that is as faithful as possible to the way they see it themselves.

CN4 577 If they make too long a line in one direction, it will be corrected by a shorter line somewhere else, and the result will be some modification of the normal vision, which is a natural error in the vision of the artist, and which constitutes his style.’

ECN 125 There are, however, great differences in linguistic style between academically and non-academically oriented children.

ED3 1639 It is their inherited knowledge and personal style, coupled with traditional labour-intensive production methods, new technology and strict rules guarding quality, that contribute to the final distinctive result.

ED4 588 If you are inspired by John and Veronica Saunders' style on the previous pages, here are some appealing alternatives and ideas to create a similar look

EUW 570 What the teacher's normal style of teaching is like.

EW5 205 It is a key link for the Profitboss, a key factor in his unique leadership style, a key reason for his unique success.

FNX 53 Pop music was desperate for something: the arrival of punk brought a rude vigour which perfectly fused a musical style, a cultural statement and a political and social crisis.

FRG 426 But a less obvious kind of evidence may, according to Labov, be provided by some kind of irregularity in the expected pattern of differentiation according to speech style, or sex or social class of speaker.

FT8 3104 …and type in a name for your new style.

G05 1213 Meanwhile private inter-war suburbia had its distinctive style where the semi-detached house was dominant.

G2F 485 The furniture for this style should be reproduction, not necessarily from one distinct period, but with a definite French flavour.

GTC 632 The reopening of the Cadiz house, and the opening of a London house in partnership with his eldest son under the style ‘Antony Gibbs & Son’, marked the beginning of a period of real prosperity.

GU9 1723 But during the two years between the time when the book was first mooted and its publication in 1982, the company had transformed itself and the book did not reflect the grander style of living which Laura was now espousing.

H83 367 The set of general criteria generated in the first part of this chapter is intended to provide a framework of maximum support for this style of education.

HBP 861 ‘The questions set in 1993 will be seen to begin the gradual transition of style towards the 1994 papers.

HHK 54 Because of the visits to the footplate to see the controls, and also the food cooked traditional style on the shovel, most of the people at the party will have exchanged a few words with Roger and gained an impression of the sort of cheerful, obliging chap he was.

HJ5 1626 All Information Memoranda prepared by KPMG on behalf of the client should follow the Report Style Guide unless this is inconsistent with the client's own equivalent guidance.

HR1 1139 In the past it has been stated categorically that the originator of the Gothic style was France.

J1A 106 Ginguene noted that in the period when Baroque style was current, and even after, Opéra soloists sang pretty freely for contexts, he specifies ‘airs, monologues, duos, etc.’ 'Singers thought they had the right to hurry or slow down, according to what the words seemed to demand or, more often, according to whim' The ‘orchestra’had to accompany ‘sometimes note for note, these uneven, shaky lines’.

K31 6 Among other lots were: set of four Queen Anne style dining chairs, £155; reeded and inlaid mahogany twin pedestal dining table, £150; mahogany and glazed two-door china display cabinet, £125; carved walnut chest, £105; set three water colour drawings, ‘Children’ signed Muriel McKinley, £100.

K4C 954 The Southport angling fanatic towed his boat — complete with electronic fish finder — across the border and raided the lakes in fine style to catch 19 pike weighing between 16lb and a monster scaling 26lb 4oz.

K4S 714 Management of Sure Style Windows yesterday dismissed the manager of their Middlesbrough branch and ‘a number’ of salesmen after complaints from the public.

K4T 1939 Pears went full stretch to tip over fine efforts by Paul Parker and Paul Ince as United combatted Boro's buccaneering style with cool composure and thoughtful build-up.

K57 1185 The chorus sounded bold and secure, and the orchestra, timid initially, sorted out its style, to produce some musicianly phrasing.

KAL 237 The People's Hotel is on a grand scale, and we drive in style to the Foreign Language Institute, where our course takes place, every day, in company with Comrade Gao (Ministry of Education), Comrade Yu (our local interpreter) and Comrade Wu (a lady in her forties who is accompanying us on the rest of our tour).



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