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#1 2011-06-11 15:50:19


3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

1. German passenger strips naked on flight: airline

MADRID (AFP) – A German passenger stripped naked on an Iberia flight from Madrid to Frankfurt, forcing the pilot to turn the plane around so he could be removed, the airline said Friday.

"A German passenger took all his clothes off on the plane," on Thursday night, an Iberia spokeswoman said.
"Staff on board tried to dissuade him but he became aggressive and finally locked himself in the toilet. The pilot then decided to turn around and land in Madrid."

Once on the ground, police came on board and "took him away," the spokeswoman said. She said the airline has "no idea" why the man, who was not identified, decided to do what he did.

The passenger cooperated immediately when Guardia Civil police arrived and he was not arrested, said police spokesman Angel Blanco.

Police said the man was not drunk and they had no explanation for his behaviour.

2. Deadly Fungus Strikes Joplin Tornado Survivors, Volunteers

The Greene County (Mo.) Health Department has issued a memo to health care workers who are treating injured victims of May's deadly Joplin tornado, warning them that a powerful fungus has infected patients' wounds.

The Springfield News-Leader reports as many as nine cases have been reported in tornado victims across the area in various hospitals. Once the aggressive fungus -- called zygomycosis -- enters the body, it causes the death of infected cells. Three or four patients, who otherwise would have survived their wounds, have died from it.

Infections spread through the blood and affects blood circulation. It is unknown how many people may be suffering from infections, but the problem doesn't stop with those injured by the tornado.

3. Deadly Fungus Strikes Joplin Tornado Survivors, Volunteers

The National Institutes of Health says this rapid form of infection most often occurs in patients with suppressed immune systems. One study in 2009 noted a diabetes patient who died of the fungal infection at age 48. Despite being treated early, the man's health rapidly declined as the fungus spread through his lungs.

KYTV in Springfield reports those helping with cleanup efforts may become scratched by nails or splinters and any fungus residue on those objects may infect someone.

Anyone with diabetes should be extremely careful. The National Institutes of Health lists severe symptoms of the infection: fever, headache, sinus pain, and swelling. Complications that can arise from these fungal infections include nerve damage, blindness, blood clots to the brain and lungs, or even death in extreme cases.

4. With Obama doing little on jobs, allies grow frustrated

In the wake of last week's disastrous jobs report, allies of the Obama administration are expressing extreme frustration at what they see as the White House's inaction on the issue. But there's little evidence that Team Obama is listening.

The economy added just 54,000 jobs in May, and long-term joblessness is at a record high. Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke admitted this week that the recovery has been "frustratingly slow."

That bleak news has prompted harsh criticism of the White House from many of the administration's friends, who view the focus on deficit reduction rather than job creation as badly misplaced, and who want more government stimulus to jolt the economy.

5. With Obama doing little on jobs, allies grow frustrated

Christina Romer, who stepped down last year as President Obama's top economics adviser, told The Lookout earlier this week that "the U.S. economy needs help," and called for more stimulus spending and business tax cuts to encourage hiring.

Even some Democrats on Capitol Hill are losing patience. "I'm not sure what's gained by giving any oxygen to the incorrect idea that fiscal austerity"--that is, spending cuts--"right now would be expansionary," a senior Democrat told The New Republic magazine.

And a post on the website of the Campaign for America's Future, a leading progressive activist group, is entitled: "If the president won't do something about jobs, who will?" It argues that on the issue, "it seems as if the White House is from Mars and the middle class is from Venus."

6. Japan woman lost in Himalayas survived on bamboo

KATHMANDU (AFP) – A Japanese woman who was missing for 12 days in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal told on Friday how she survived by eating bamboo shoots and drinking water.

Makiko Iwafuchi, 49, left her hotel on May 25 to trek to a nearby lake in Gosaikunda, a religious site for Hindus located at an altitude of 4,380 metres (14,370 feet).

But she lost her way in a forest and was only saved when a group of pilgrims finally found her by accident.

"For two days, I didn't move. (I) stayed in a small cave. I thought about the food I would like to eat when I got back," she recalled. "I ate leaves, bamboo shoots and drank a lot of water."

Iwafuchi, a former jewellery trader who is now a full-time traveller, appeared exhausted and had minor injuries to her feet, but otherwise suffered no serious effects from her ordeal.

"When I heard the pilgrims, I felt it was like a miracle. I thanked God for saving me," she said. "Now on I won't trek alone. I've learned a lesson from this experience."



#2 2011-06-11 15:54:26


Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

7. Spain arrests Anonymous members over Sony attack

MADRID/BOSTON (Reuters) – Spanish police arrested three men suspected to be members of the hacker group Anonymous on Friday, charging them with organizing cyber attacks against the websites of Sony Corp, banks and governments -- but not the recent massive hacking of PlayStation gamers.

Anonymous responded by threatening to retaliate for the arrests: "We are Legion, so EXPECT US," the group said on its official Twitter feed.

Spanish police alleged the three "hacktivists" helped organize an attack that temporarily shuttered access to some Sony websites. They were not linked to two massive cyber attacks against Sony's Playstation Network that resulted in the theft of information from more than 100 million customers.

Police also accused the men of launching cyber assaults on Spanish banks BBVA and Bankia, and Italian energy group Enel SpA.

8. Spain arrests Anonymous members over Sony attack

Anonymous is a loose grouping of self-proclaimed hactivists who frequently try to shut down the websites of businesses and other organizations that it opposes.

Its members describe themselves as Internet freedom fighters and have previously brought down websites of the Church of Scientology, as well as Amazon.com Inc, MasterCard Inc and others they saw as hostile to WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.

Anonymous members cripple websites by overwhelming them with traffic in what is commonly known as "denial of service" attacks. The group publicizes these campaigns on the Web, giving supporters the information to attack a targeted site.

The group is currently sponsoring attacks to shut down Turkish government websites in a protest against Internet censorship. Attempts to reach the group by email were not immediately successful.

9. Flood Fears: Ferocious Alien Fish Will Spread into New Areas

The flooding in the south last month may be just what a ferocious fish ordered, as scientists say the overflowing Mississippi River may lead to a surge in the giant invasive fish called the Asian carp in new areas of the Mississippi and Missouri river basins.

The flooding stretched from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico covering 6.5 million acres of land. This water could serve as a throughway connecting the Mississippi and Missouri rivers to other lakes, bayous and marshes in the basin. The young fish, which float downstream before making their homes in a quiet "nursery," could ride these waters to other, not normally connected bodies of water.

"These fish do really well in a flood situation, it gives their young very good quality nursing habitat. Floods induce the fish to spawn," Duane Chapman at the U.S. Geological Survey, told LiveScience. "It should be a good year for reproduction and a lot of young will get trapped up on the floodplain."

10. NATO vows no let-up in Libya air war, Kadhafi defiant

BENGHAZI, Libya (AFP) – NATO vowed Wednesday to keep up its relentless bombing campaign in Libya until Moamer Kadhafi steps down, after the veteran leader said he would never surrender, even as bombs rained down on his Tripoli residence.
Spain, meanwhile, joined the growing list of countries which recognise the rebels seeking to topple Kadhafi as the sole representative of Libya's people, leaving the strongman more isolated than ever.

NATO allies meeting in Brussels pledged to stay in Libya "for as long as necessary" and commit the "necessary means" to the military campaign against Kadhafi's forces.

After NATO extended the operation for another 90 days through late September, alliance defence ministers issued a joint statement pledging their determination to continue the mission "for as long as necessary."

11. NATO vows no let-up in Libya air war, Kadhafi defiant

With only half of the 28 NATO countries taking part in the mission, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and British Defence Secretary Liam Fox had called on member states to step up their participation.

The defence ministers renewed their demand for the Libyan strongman to leave power.

"Time is working against Kadhafi, who has clearly lost all legitimacy and therefore needs to step down," the statement said.

The NATO meeting came hours after Kadhafi said in an audio message broadcast by Libyan state television that he would fight to the death.

The top US uniformed commander Admiral Michael Mullen conceded the Libya campaign was making "very slow progress" but stressed that Kadhafi "has to leave".

12. "Squeeze" put on Gaddafi to remove him

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States and its NATO allies are stepping up military operations against Muammar Gaddafi, hoping for a final "squeeze" to drive him from power -- or possibly kill him -- a senior U.S. official said on Friday.

U.S. officials say they believe the conflict is nearing an "end-game" -- a phrase notably employed by an official traveling with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to a meeting of the allies in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin told reporters on Friday that Libya operations were not stalled.

The key was to keep up the momentum, Levin said, echoing comments in Europe by Defense Secretary Robert Gates that some NATO countries needed to participate more.

13. AU force in Somalia on alert after minister killed

MOGADISHU, Somalia – A spokesman for African Union peacekeepers backing Somalia's fragile government says his forces are on high alert a day after a suspected female suicide bomber killed the country's interior minister.

Maj. Paddy Ankunda said Saturday the AU force is on alert after al-Qaida-linked militants of al-Shabab vowed to carry out "brazen attacks deep inside enemy territory."

Interior Minister Abdishakur Sheik Hassan was killed Friday in an explosion in his home, and a female relative was suspected to be the bomber.

Al-Shabab militants battling Somalia's fragile government use suicide bombers to demoralize the government and their African backers.

Somalia has not had an effective government for two decades.

14. Runner, on verge of record, stopped with one lap left

Joe Rosa, one of the top high school distance runners in the country, appeared to be on his way to breaking the New Jersey state record in the 3,200-meter run with a time worthy of being on the all-time national list when he was literally forced off the track by meet officials with one lap to go due to Officials with the New Jersey Interscholastic State Athletic Association halted the eight-lap race as Rosa was preparing for his final lap, because lightning had been detected in the area. The meet was being held in Old Bridge, N.J.

NJSIAA officials made it clear: Rules dictate all events are halted and the competitors and fans must immediately leave the area if lightning is detected.

The decision, however, did not sit well with Rosa, his family (including twin brother Jim who was in second at the time), his coaches and others who questioned why they couldn't run one more lap - or why the race was allowed to start in the first place.

"I guess it's a rule, but we had one lap to go," Jim Rosa said. "We should have been able to just finish it."

15. Anthony Weiner admits he sent messages to teenage girl but denies wrongdoing

Embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner acknowledged Friday night that he had exchanged online messages with a 17-year-old Delaware girl, but his office insisted his dealings with her were "neither explicit nor indecent."

Weiner's statement came hours after police in New Castle, Del., confirmed they interviewed a high school junior Friday afternoon about her online exchanges with the New York lawmaker.

The girl, whose name was not reported because she is a minor, told the network, "I'm doing okay."

Police said they questioned the girl and found no evidence of wrongdoing.

"They were made aware of an alleged contact between Congressman Anthony Weiner and an area teen," said Officer Tracey Duffy, a New Castle County police spokeswoman, told the Associated Press. "The teen has been interviewed and disclosed no information regarding any criminal activity."



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Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

Пожалуйста, выбирайте и указывайте выбранный номер.



#4 2011-06-11 23:19:29

Yulia G.

Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

Гулящева Юлия - текст 3



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Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

Шапоренко Лиза - текст 6



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Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

Анастасия Беляцкая-текст 4



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Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

А что, экзамен собираются сдавать трое? Те, кто не сообщил номер текста, до экзамена не допускаются.



#8 2011-06-13 14:42:28

Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

Кузнецова Лена - текст №9



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Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

Настя Зиновьева - 13



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Re: 3 курс, экзамен. Тексты для ППА

Егор Кравченко - № 15
Анна Зарубина - № 1



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