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#1 2010-01-05 13:58:10


О Генри. интересное.

"Doggie," says he, finally, "we don't live more than a dozen lives on
this earth, and very few of us live to be more than 300. If I ever
see that flat any more I'm a flat, and if you do you're flatter; and
that's no flattery. I'm offering 60 to 1 that Westward Ho wins out
by the length of a dachshund."

ссылка на полный рассказ - http://www.literaturecollection.com/a/o_henry/34/



#2 2010-01-05 14:01:24


Re: О Генри. интересное.

"It is quite simple," he said, holding up his finger. "You see that
knot? That is to prevent my forgetting. It is, therefore, a
forget-me-knot. A forget-me-not is a flower. It was a sack of flour that
I was to send home!"

ссылка на полный рассказ - http://www.literaturecollection.com/a/o_henry/171/



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