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Материалы для второго курса.

1. When Jessye Norman’s parents were knocking on the wall of their young daughter’s room as a signal for her to stop singing and to go to sleep, little did they dream that this small child who seemed to have been born singing would grow up to be an internationally renowned opera singer.

2. That room, which I never paid much attention to at that time, has gained a different status in my mind’s eye now that it has become the precious object of memory. It was a spacious room, sparsely furnished and decorated. At one corner was the fireplace, a fanciful creation of my husband. There was a love seat against one wall, over which I had thrown a lace cover, my mother’s gift from long ago.

3. I began my career as an Instructor of Psychology back in 1966 at a very small junior college located only 60 miles south of the Canadian border, one with an enrollment of only 180 students, no doubt, a very cold and humble place in which to begin a teaching career!

4. "I was never so upset in my life!" said Lady Caroline.
She had been saying the same thing and many other things for the past five minutes. Until the departure of the last guest she had kept an icy command of herself and shown an unruffled front to the world. She had even contrived to smile. But now, with the final automobile whirring homewards, she had thrown off the mask. The very furniture of Lord Marshmoreton's study seemed to shrink, seared by the flame of her wrath. As for Lord Marshmoreton himself, he looked quite shrivelled.

5. And so it happened that one Thursday in early September we gathered in my living room for our first meeting. Here they come, one more time. First I hear the bell, a pause, and the closing of the street door. Then I hear footsteps coming up the winding staircase and past my mother’s apartment. As I move towards the front door, I register a piece of sky through the side window.

6. The next few decades will see great changes in the way energy is supplied and used.  In some major oil producing nations, 'peak oil' has already been reached, and there are increasing fears of global warming.



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