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#1 2011-10-16 23:16:16

Elvira Leleka

текст перев с листа

European Commission - Press release

Industrial competitiveness is the solution to ensure sustainable economic recovery

Brussels 14 October 2011 – The European Commission presented today its Communication on "Industrial policy: Reinforcing competitiveness", which looks specifically at the industrial competitiveness performance of the Member States.

The EU economic recovery has been relatively slow and remains fragile. This is reflected in the worsening sentiment across the European economy. Moreover, there are clear downside risks stemming from financial markets, rising energy and raw materials prices, and the need for budgetary consolidation. However, EU industry is in good shape and has the potential to push the European economy back to growth.

There are considerable differences among Member States: the average labour productivity in manufacturing ranges from almost 125% of gross value added per person employed in Ireland to below 20% in Bulgaria. The share of innovating companies varies from 80% in Germany to 25% in Latvia. The business-friendliness of regulation gets highest scores in Finland whereas Italy is in last position. Faced with this scenario today’s communication encourages Member States to rapidly implement policies to converge to competitive levels coherent with participation in the euro and the Internal Market.

This requires robust and coordinated industrial and SMEs policies from the Member States. To this end, the Commission is ready to promote and monitor structural improvements as the European economy urgently needs to get back to a growth path.

European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship said: " European industry is in a good shape and ready to compete. However, the slowdown of the recovery should push us to put even further competitiveness and growth at the top of the political agenda. We need structural reforms aimed at freeing the potential of our entrepreneurs, the main actors for recovery".

Today’s communication is accompanied by the "European Competitiveness Report 2011" and the report on "Member States competitiveness performance and policies 2011".

текст для перев с листа нед с 16-22 окт



#2 2012-06-26 09:10:35

Elvira Leleka

Re: текст перев с листа

Господа референты первого курса!

По ссылке найдите текст "When the chips are down" и спокойно, не торопясь переводите, выполнив предпереводческий анализ фоновой информации,  сложных переводческих проблем ( лексики, грамматики, прагматики).

Не забывайте про глоссарий экономич терминов на сайте Financial Times  и на сайте министерства финансов США. Они помогут адекватно разобраться с материалом перевода.

Текст перевести весь и выслать на проверку ...  до  1 сентября.  ( Ведомости уже закрыты и сданы!)

Всех с окончанием сессии!  Всем прекрасного отдыха!






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